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Activation Checklist for WordPress Plugin Developers

When a plugin is activated, the first order of business is setting up a stable environment so that subsequent runs are smooth and error-free. Nothing is more horrific to plugin developers than hearing from disgruntled users about fatal errors, blank pages or unpredictable issues during plugin activation or update. This article provides you with a checklist of things your plugin should consider doing, so that your plugin can hit the ground running smoothly right the moment your users click the “Activate” button. (more…)

5 tips for using AJAX in WordPress

AJAX is used in many WordPress themes and plugins. However, not all of those themes and plugins implement AJAX properly. This article reveals 5 best practices in developing AJAX for WordPress.


Make Shortcodes User-Friendly

Since WordPress 2.5, Shortcode has proven to be one of the most powerful features that allows lots of room for flexibility and customization. However, as anything that has the word “code” in it, shortcodes are not very user friendly. For people who are used to using WYSIWYG, shortcode usage can be confusing sometimes. This article shows you how to make shortcodes in your themes and plugins more accessible and user friendly.